Grasp is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that combines the power of a geo-spatial contact database with a multi-channel communications system so you can reach people wherever they are: on the ground, on their phone, in their email inbox, on social media and more.

Geo-spatial Intelligence

We put contacts on a map and enable you to search then by location, district geographies, and any other metrics in your data such as age, gender, communication preference, political party, and more.

Contact Profiles

View, tag, and take notes about each contact on their unique profile page. You can also send them text messages, emails and polling questions right from their in-app profile.

Multi-channel Campaigns

Create contact groups with filters, maps and manual selection, and then send everyone in the group text message, audio recordings and email campaigns right from the app. Receive their replies and automatically tag and group them based on their responses.

Quick Conversations

Have one-on-one, multi-channel conversations right from a contact’s profile or from our central conversation hub. Couldn’t be easier!